Review: Foot Fist Way

July 7, 2008 at 4:11 pm 1 comment

From the moment I decided to create a movie blog, I knew I wanted to post my own reviews from time to time. My first thought was to review “WALL-E,” easily my favorite film of 2008 and a movie that I honestly think should be nominated or Best Motion Picture of the Year at the upcoming Oscar’s. But then I realized there’s nothing I can say in my would-be glowingly positive review that hasn’t already been, a point that’s proven by the flick’s 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. So, instead I wanted to contribute something at least a little useful — a review of “Foot Fist Way” for example.

My introduction to “Foot Fist Way” was an odd one; before I had even heard of the movie, I witnessed possibly the most awkward on-camera interview in the history of television — Danny McBride, who plays badass Tae Kwon Do instructor Fred Simmons, went on Conan O’Brien in character. If you haven’t seen the clip yet, watch it.

Naturally, after that clip I was super excited to see this, a little indie flick shot in 19 days with an almost non-existent budget about Simmons and his dojo. But sadly, the actual movie doesn’t live up to the expectations I had after seeing Simmons berate Will Ferrel on national television.

I went in expecting a ridiculous comedy. And McBride definitely provides some of that. When left to his own devices, McBride’s cruel delivery and timing are flat-out hilarious. The Simmons character is still as in-your-face and brutally hilarious as the Conan clip (at one point he tells a 16-year-old kid that his future will will “probably buttfuck somebody”), but no matter how great McBride’s portrayal of the “King of the Demo” may be, one solid performance is not enough to save the movie.

It just wasn’t as funny as I hoped, plain and simple. McBride’s best one liners are all showcased in the Red Band Trailer, which I’ll post at the end of my review, and there just isn’t much funny-business going on in between those jokes.

What completely caught me off guard was the gritty storyline about the dangers of infidelity in a marriage. I think, once again, McBride’s performance salvaged this storyline (the dude can actually act) as much as possible, but it just didn’t feel like it fit the rest of the film. There are three distinct things trying to work here — Simmons’s absurdity, the infidelity storyline and the Dojo master’s unhealthy obsession with Chuck “the Truck” Wallace, a kickboxing champion. I just didn’t feel like there was some failed execution in trying to tie these together (even with the obvious “Chuck, why are you sleepin’ with my wife?” plot twist.)

What’s left is a disjointed 87 minutes of McBride stealing the show. But it’s worth seeing just to quote Simmons in his more ridiculous moments.

I’ll give this a 7/10, but I think McBride deserves about 6.5 of it.

Check out the trailer below:


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  • 1. courtney  |  July 8, 2008 at 3:25 am

    after all your insane giggling at the red-band trailer, i think you should rank that separately from the movie.


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