Del Toro talks “Frankenstein”

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I can’t think of a better director for a remake of the classic and genre-changing “Frankenstein” movie. He’s the guy that once said “Sleepless in Seattle” can “go fuck itself” because he prefers monster movies. Something tells me he’s right for the job.

Over at Shock Till You Drop, they talked to Del Toro about the project. Even though the director is focusing solely on “The Hobbit” movies before “Frankenstein,” it’s never too early to get excited about it.

Del Toro is in the early stages of prepping two Hobbit films for executive producers Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh, an endeavor that will require him to put “Frankenstein” on the backburner for now. I think it’s going to have to be developed very carefully over the next four years,” he chuckles. “Look, I would never attempt to recreate the Whale Frankenstein, but I do think there is an alternate story that could be told about the Frankenstein mythos.” Like? “It’s more like a fairy tale, a strange, weird fairy tale.”

Asked who his ideal Victor Frankenstein would be, Del Toro simply smiled and said, “I won’t say anything ’cause then you would know what I’m doing.”

I mean, look at the guy’s track record — you don’t need me to tell you that monsters are his forte, or that hes the perfect guy to take on “Frankenstein:”

“Pan’s Labyrinth” is absolutely stunning, and easily my favorite of his movies. I’ll be completely honest with you; when I went to see this movie, I was completely expected more-or-less a remake of the David Bowie, 1980’s cult classic, “The Labyrinth.” Well, I was sorely mistaken, but the visuals and cinematography Del Toro presents in this fantasy creature feature are both haunting and beautiful at the same time. The way he showcases his monsters, leads me to believe that he’ll be the perfect person to take on “Frankenstein.”

I’m not a huge “Hellboy” fan, but I am pretty excited to see the upcoming sequel, squarely based on Del Toro’s creative freedom in the creature dept. Word on the interwebs is that Del Toro and uber-monster maker Mike Elizalde have come together to really improve the guys in costumes this time around. The make-up and costume design looks phenomenal, and I really like that Del Toro decided to go with more live-action pupeteering instead of CGI. It gives everything a more life-like quality, which would translate well to the delicate story of “Frankenstein.”

Well, the picture from “Blade II” to the left is pretty self-explanatory. Plain and simple. The dude knows how to make monster movies. While the monsters in this movie are breathtaking, I think a movie like “Pan’s Labyrinth,” where the monsters have complex, emotional, more human roles, is a great example of why he’s the perfect man for the “Frankenstein” job. Both visually and thematically, I think it’s the project he was born to take on.


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