Geek Talk: Transformers 2 at ComicCon

July 9, 2008 at 4:25 pm Leave a comment

Well, ComicCon is just around the corner, and I don’t know if anyone is more excited about it than the gys over at IESB. Their latest update about the soon-to-be largest comic book convention ever is riddled with so many exclamation points, you can almost hear their gleeful squeals through the computer.

Even though the Preview Night is more than two weeks away, IESB is perusing the interwebs, speculating about what’s playing at ComicCon. For God’s sake, they flipped a lid when a mysterious “Star Trek” logo showed up on the convention’s website.

I’m not all that interested in “Star Trek.” I’m mildly intrigued by J.J. Abram’s presence on the project, but I’ve never been into Star Trek, and this flick isn’t going to change that.

But after all IESB’s obsession over that upcoming project, a small update about “Transformers 2.” It seems that some footage from the upcoming sequel will be shown at ComicCon.

Moving on, TRANSFORMERS 2 and G.I. JOE will both be showing early footage to fans during Comic Con 2008.

How do you see it? Attend the HASBRO panel!

Paramount will not be holding a panel for the films but will be giving HASBRO footage to show at their panel, there may even be a few surprises along with those as well!

The project has been super-secretive so far, with the director even saying he has been working to leek false information to keep movie junkies like myself on their toes, so I was surprised to see they’re releasing official footage already. But I guess that’s the magic of ComicCon.


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