WOLVERINES! Red Dawn remake on the way

July 9, 2008 at 5:22 pm 1 comment

Are you kidding me? First MGM announces a “Robocop” remake and then a “Hellraiser” remakes.

Now “Red Dawn”? Is nothing sacred? The movie, about a group of American teenagers that call themselves The Wolverines taking down the Communist Soviet Army, has become a huge cult classic.

Of course it’s wholly unbelievable that some kids from Iowa, led my Charlie Sheen, can pick up a few M-16s and landmines and take down one of the most powerful armies in the world.


It’s still a great movie, and the fact that throughout the movie, the kids yell “WOLVERINES!” only makes me like it even more (I happen to be a University of Michigan student).

Remakes are a very touchy subject with me. Ok, if you have a great idea, you know that you can make this a great movie and you make it for the movie’s sake, not the money’s sake, then yes; go for it.

After all, “Scarface” is a remake. Some of these really live up, and sometimes surpass the original.

But this flick doesn’t give the air of one of those “for the movie’s sake” remakes. I think this will be strictly about bank. They greenlit the project and then shopped around for a screenwriter (Carl Ellsworth of “Red Eye” and “Disturbia” fame). They hired Dan Bradley to direct, this being his first feature film.

Over at First Showing, they have a quote from Elsworth that pretty much confirms my bleak outlook for this remake:

Ellsworth explains his plans: “The tone is going to be very intense, very much keeping in mind the post-9/11 world that we’re in. As Red Dawn scared the heck out of people in 1984, we feel that the world is kind of already filled with a lot of paranoia and unease, so why not scare the hell out of people again?”

Great. So not only are the pissing on the original, but they’re modernizing it as well, which will probably entail North Korea, Al Qaeda or some equally ridiculous enemy. Part of the reason “Red Dawn” made such and impact was the fact that it was totally believable in 1984 (when the movie was released) that Soviet troops could land in Colorado and proceed to reek havoc on America with a massive military attack.

Something tells me North Korea or Al Qaeda wouldn’t be able to pull that off as effectively.

Chalk this one in the “Planet of the Apes,” “Poseidon,” etc. Awful Remake Pile.



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  • 1. courtney  |  July 10, 2008 at 4:12 am

    oh, goodness…the last thing we need is a movie to make us look as stupid as MSU kids watching “300”. this is a bad development.


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