Favreau back for Iron Man 2

July 11, 2008 at 11:44 am 1 comment

Very good news from the comic book movie world today: John Favreau, director of the best comic book movie of 2008 (that is, until “The Dark Knight” drops next weekend), “Iron Man” has finally agreed to terms with Marvel Comics to helm the sequel.

This whole mess started when Marvel announced that the sequel would be released in 2010, which Favreau believed to be too soon. I completely agree with him on this — you can’t push art; you can’t force a good product, and Marvel will definitely be running that risk now. The whole “Iron Man” team will basically have to turn around from shooting the first to pump out the second to get it out in time, which might lead to some burning out.

That would be a terrible fate for this franchise, because it really has potential for a stong trilogy. Favreau signed on to do the first because had an idea for a story arch which would take three flicks to finish; if he has to put them together on Marvel’s term’s instead of his own, that might result in a not-so-good movie.

But, that’s not the big deal. Like everything, it came down to money, with Favreau holding out until Marvel agreed to his terms. Well, I just got this little quip from Moviehole:

He’s about to become a filthy rich son-of-a-gun. He told Marvel he wanted a bigger payday if he was to return to direct another “Iron Man” movie – and he got it. They took their time in mulling over his proposition, but they did agree.

Give him the money — with the hundreds of millions of dollars pouring in from domestic and international box office, I’m pretty sure the production company can afford to give him what he wants. Besides, he’s the one with the vision of how this trilogy will unfold, and after the way the first one turned out, it would be a shame if someone else took over. And with Robert Downey Jr. already coming back, this is shaping up to be, hopefully, another strong showing for “Iron Man”


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  • 1. Earnest Finklestein  |  July 11, 2008 at 2:10 pm

    You need some blog posts on chick flicks. I’m feeling a little action-movied out reading your blog. Give us some hottt duuuudes.


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