The Dark Knight spikes Batman DVD sales

July 16, 2008 at 9:19 pm Leave a comment

As it turns out, “The Dark Knight” isn’t just dominating the box office this week — Christopher Nolan’s latest, well at least titles related to it, also has a stranglehold on the DVD sales. Confused? Let me explain myself.

According to a report at The Hollywood Reporter, two Batman DVDs have leaped into the top two spots on the DVD sales this week, just adding to the hype that is surrounding the newest cape-wielding good guy.

The two DVDs that have a direct connection to media circus that is “The Dark Knight,” the first film in Nolan’s eventual trilogy “Batman Begins” and the newly released Japanese anime-inspired “Gotham Knight,” have topped the DVD sales this week, leading some to suspect that the feverish buzz around “The Dark Knight” might have something to do with their sales.

Especially the spike in sales of “Batman Begins,” which has been on store shelves since 2005, is attributed to the popularity of “The Dark Knight.”

Not only did they top the list of DVD sales, but also Blu-ray sales.

All I have to say is, this is all getting incredibly out of hand. I’ve never seen this level of hype for any movie before — sold out midnight showings everywhere, six a.m. bookings in some areas around the country, anticipatory fans almost rioting at the premiere and now a three-year-old DVD resurfacing to the top of the sales charts (pretty much) exclusively because of the release “The Dark Knight.”

I’m starting to worry that, because of the hype, my expectations might be too high. This isn’t an unsubstantiated claim, either. After media pundits and internet wizards starting calling “Borat” the greatest comedy to ever grace the American cinema landscape, I bought into the hype. I loved the show and started counting down the days until it opened, just so I could see it and agree with everyone whole-heartedly.

And then it finally came out. And I thought it sucked.

Maybe it was because my expectations were too high, maybe because I haven’t given it a second chance — I don’t know. But suffice to say, I was sorely disappointed (I know I’m in the minority here. Oh well). So, I kind of find myself in the midst of a similar situation. I loved the original, all the media pundits and internet wizards are S’ing this movie’s D, and I’m totally buying into the hype.

Oh, I hope this movie doesn’t disappoint.


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