Holy Crap, Ladies and Gents. It’s here!

July 17, 2008 at 10:53 pm Leave a comment

Right now, I’m watching “Batman Begins” to psyche myself up — in about an hour’s time, the lights will dim and the reel will start rolling — THE media event of the summer is finally upon us. If you have been keeping up with Movie Chuzpah, you’ll know that I’m a little nervous about being disappointed with the film because my expectations are so incredibly sky-high because of all the hype surrounding it (the “Borat” effect).

But now the speculation is over. I finally get to see it.

My local theater has done its part to help “The Dark Knight” break the opening weekend box office record. It’s sold out the IMAX, regular-theater runs and has plans to spill over into more theaters if necessary. I’ve only been to two midnight openings ever: “Matrix Revolutions” and one of the “Harry Potter” flicks, and I really, really hope there are at least a few people dressed up tonight.

Like the good movie blogger I am, I’ll keep you up-to-date all through the “The Dark Knight” media circus, including a review, box office analysis and coverage of opening night mayhem. Holy crap, is this exciting or what?


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