Schwarzenegger replaced in Terminator Salvation

July 18, 2008 at 1:22 pm 1 comment

By now, I’m sure you’ve all see the “Terminator Salvation” that’s leaked from the opening previews of “The Dark Knight” and onto the interwebs. Obviously, it doesn’t (and nor should it) give anything away — a big explosion, Christian Bale lookin’ all badass and then the epic Duh Duh Duhduh Duh of the “Terminator” theme music, and then it’s over. And that’s fine. You really shouldn’t expect more from a teaser trailer.

But I could have done with a look at the new T-800, Roland Kickinger.

Well, this guy certainly fits the Schwarzenegger mold.

Well, this guy certainly fits the Schwarzenegger mold.

Most of the speculation up until this point was that, because Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t signed onto the project, there would be no T-800 in this flick. Of course, it could be worked around. I mean, this movie take place decades before the original, so it would be feasible for the director to work around Schwarenegger’s absence by introducing an earlier Terminator model.

But that’s not the case. This muscular Austrian to the right is apparently playing the Terminator made famous by Schwarzenegger in the upcoming project. Well, McG, the director, didn’t let the apple fall too far from the tree. Kickinger reportedly trained with Schwarzenegger, calling the California governor a “mentor,” and he ever played Schwarzenegger is an A&E biographical piece.

Here’s what Kickinger told the Clinton News-Record about playing his mentor’s most famous role, the T-800:

“There’s a very strong scene in the film where John Connor for the first time meets the Terminator, and he doesn’t know if he’s a good guy or a bad guy,” said Kickinger.

“It’s Arnold’s character in the first Terminator. That’s basically my role, but 20 years before, so it establishes how the Terminator [came] about.”

Some people have a problem with McG’s replacing Arnie, but I’m just not seeing what the problem is. People get replaced — even if Arnold wasn’t busy with his gubernatorial duties, who says he’s physically capable of keeping up with the rigors that a role like the T-800 would present? Let’s get real, the dude’s getting old. And with the guy that McG’s pegged to star in his place, a guy that is generally thought of as a 20-years-younger Schwarzenegger, I think few people will be able to tell a significant difference from one to the other, even in the inflection and cadence of the epic, “I’ll be back.”

The fact that the T-800 goes on sans Schwarzenegger shouldn’t deter anyone from seeing this movie, especially if you’re a fan of the franchise. Everything’s been leading up to this point, and as a fan myself, I’ve always wanted to see the epic war that is always eluded to in the other films. Schwarzenegger’s absence isn’t going to make this film any better or worse; Kickinger’s going to do a great job in his place.


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  • 1. yay movies  |  July 31, 2008 at 3:00 pm

    T4 should be good, if nothing else because Christian Bale stars in it… I’m hoping Arnold ends up making an appearance too


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