Simon Pegg is branching out

July 18, 2008 at 6:06 pm 1 comment

It’s a very slow news day in the movie world if you’re looking to post something not related to “The Dark Knight.” Everyone’s going total apeshit over the latest summer movie phenomenon, and for good reason, but I want to jump off the Insani-train that’s following every bit of information about that flick and focus on something else for about 10 minutes.

And then, trust me, I’ll be right back on, eating up everything Batman that comes my way.

So, it’s on to Simon Pegg for a while, America’s second favorite Brit right now, right behind Ricky Gervais and all his shenanigans. It’s seems that Pegg has another tame, more mainstream comedy coming out, this one entitled “How to Lose Your Friends and Alienate People,” which kind of upsets me. First, since the title of the latest flick is a bit unorthodox, why don’t you have a look at the trailer and see what I mean:

I would be lying if I said this doesn’t look entertaining and funny, because it does. Just like “Run Fatboy, Run,” which I have yet to see, looks entertaining and funny, but these films just don’t have the same appeal and pizazz that his earlier work, his more sincere work did.

I mean, here’s the guys who brought us such out-of-nowhere hits as “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz.” These weren’t, by any means, Hollywood movies. In fact, they were the anti-Hollywood movies, taking on successful, marketable and ultimately over-used and bland genres and turning them on their heads to make something wholly new and exciting. Oh, and don’t forget that they were both funny as all hell.

I want this Simon Pegg back.

It takes an enormous amount of comedic and writing talent to take a worn-out genre like Zombie movies or Cop Dramas and make them new again. And that’s the genius of Pegg and his trusty group of regulars. Not only was “Shaun of the Dead” a hilarious satire that showed the epic flaws and overused cliches in pretty much every zombie movie ever made, but it also turned those flaws and cliches to its advantage to tell one awesome zombie story. Same goes with “Hot Fuzz,” although the plot line is so much more bizarre.

But now Pegg is playing into more mainstream movies, because he’s found an audience and a popularity that he didn’t have pre-“Shaun of the Dead.” When once he was able to fly under the radar and make films that poke fun at the ridiculous standards in Hollywood, now he’s joined the Cool Kids’ table, only to be sucked into these types of movies.

Once again, I really think “How to Lose Your Friends and Alienate People” looks like it has potential, but where will this all end for Pegg? Will he continue down the road he’s on, playing into the tame Hollywood Comedy crowd, or will he get back to his roots and challenge the status quo once more? I’m so upset by this because I really feel like a voice as strong and funny as Simon Pegg’s is needed to try and keep a check against production crews that through subpar projects together just to make a quick buck. Movies like “Hot Fuzz” help to get the crowd thinking about how formulaic the cop drama has become, which in turn forces production companies to mix things up a bit.

I’d hate to lose Pegg to the dark side. Let’s just hope he’s back to stickin’ it to the Hollywood bigwigs real soon.


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  • 1. oh no! not conformity!  |  July 21, 2008 at 9:01 am

    Wow, andy! what an insightful and interesting post…. keep up th good work


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