George Lucas has gone completely insane

July 23, 2008 at 3:45 am Leave a comment

Why do these directors feel the need to go back and remaster and re-edit their work? People remember the classics for what they are, not what they would be if they had happened to be made thirty years later. That’s right — Lucas, in all his infinite folly, has decided that what this generation really needs is a “Star Wars” reboot. No, not the re-release they did a few years back. Not even more all-new, pretty disappointing pre/sequels. No, we’re talking the most ridiculous, absurd, lamest retooling the aging director has done to date.

“Star Wars,” not just “A New Hope,” but all six movies, in 3-freaking-D.

Coming Soon broke the story earlier today: caught up with DreamWorks Animations CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg on Tuesday and learned that George Lucas is looking to repurpose the six “Star Wars” episodes into 3D format.

Katzenberg told us that Lucas is very excited about it and that he’s got the technical resources to pull it off. “He isn’t going to put a product out, I think, that isn’t anything other than first rate,” Katzenberg said.

I’m all for this newfound interest in 3D special effects. “Journey to the Center of the Earth” was a really big breakthrough, with most critics agreeing that the effects were a huge improvement from the olden days when cheap cardboard were the norm. In the future, we’re getting James Cameron’s decade-in-the-making “Avatar” that has fanboys everywhere drooling all over their keyboards, and it promises to revolution the 3D-experience with a whole new glasses design and all.

Not that I agree with Cameron that a serious crime drama (he’s expressed interest in this idea once he wraps on “Avatar”) would benefit from a light 3Ding, but I think that if Hollywood gets the formula right, it could be a viable and bankable commodity instead of a novelty. So, we’ll see where the future lies with the technology.

But the last thing anyone needs is “Star Wars” in 3D. It’s just a ridiculously bad idea. Uber Geeks the world over flipped a collective lid when they first saw that Han Solo wasn’t shooting first anymore. Imagine the gross disappointment when all the now-outdated but then-visually groundbreaking special effects from the first three movies are taken out to make room for this 3D bullcrap. Lame.

Someone needs to lock up the original copies of “Star Wars,” and all Lucas’s other films, for that matter, and ban him from ever, ever getting his hands on them again. Enough is enough. The more he tampers with it, the more he alters it, the less I respect him as a filmmaker. The only things he would get from converting all the “Star Wars” movies to 3D would be shittons of money and a whole lot of pissed off fans. He wouldn’t achieve anything artistically or creatively from the re-boot; if he really respected film as an art and not as a money-making scheme, he would try and tackle a new, original story in 3D.

Not rehash his best and classic work. Seriously, this is bullshit.


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