Evil Dead 4? Hell yes.

July 28, 2008 at 3:14 am 2 comments

Horror cinema has been around for a long time, but only once in the seventy-plus years that the silver screen has been yielding screams from terrified audiences has a movie made viewers scared of the forest for fear of getting raped by a tree. Ok, I know that those of you who have never seen “Evil Dead” might not understand what I just said, so let’s make things a little more clear:

In the original “Evil Dead” a woman gets raped by a tree. That’s right, with it’s branches and shit. It’s that kind of off-beat, kind-of-funny but wholly unnerving horror that has made the “Evil Dead” franchise, through three knock-em-dead movies and a video game that’s pretty alright, too, such a cult=phenomenon. Of course, “Army of Darkness” got way away from the original thematic tension of the first, but its ability to openly mock the first two movies in the franchise really hit home with a lot of audience members. And there’s been talk of yet another movie since that was released in 1992.

I had heard “Evil Dead 4” rumors for quite some time, but after an extended lull — a while after the video game came out, for a time reference — in news about the goings on in the project, I kind of gave up hope that there would ever be another one. I mean, Bruce Campbell is getting older, and an “Evil Dead” sans the mega-badass and ultimate one-liner-deliverer would be like “South Park” without Catman: love him or hate him, the show deservedly revolves around him. But the news from director Sam Raimi (Michigan native, represent!) and his Q&A at Comic Con (seriously, what movie news HASN’T come from San Diego’s shining moment this last few days) sounds like he’s digging in the “Evil Dead” bag at least once more. This coming from Cinema Blend:

At Comic Con today Raimi announced that Evil Dead 4 is “in the wheelhouse.” He even went so far as to say that he and his brother Ivan would be getting together this weekend to work on it– that is, assuming Raimi can get past the hordes of excited fans.

Score! Let’s just hope that the critical successes of his other, little-known trilogy “Spider-Man,” won’t alter the quirky image Raimi brought to the first three “Evil Dead” (see what I did there? I said “Spider-Man” was a little-known franchise, even though it’s grossed butt-tons of money. Aren’t a funny?)

I guess the update from Raimi didn’t say anything about Campbell’s involvement, but I would imagine that his name is automatically tacked to this script — you just can’t make one of these without his unique hero-with-a-chainsaw-for-an-arm Ash. There weren’t any plot details either, but that’s OK; I’d be willing to bet the script will involve dead things coming to life and kicking ass; the Necronomicon, i.e. Book Of The Dead; off-the-wall comedy and plenty of gut-wrenching gore.

This project screams in-development, as Raimi couldn’t even guestimate when the film would get under way:

He’s got a lot going on right now, directing Drag Me to Hell and scheduled to adapt a Dennis Lehane novel as well as revive the Jack Ryan series of movies. So Evil Dead 4 may be a long way off, but that’s one heck of a carrot to dangle in front of fans who have gotten bored watching Raimi follow Spiderman all over the skies.

That’s OK — we finally know it’s actually coming after so much speculation and hype. “Evil Dead 4” sounds like it really is reality.


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  • 1. you are hi-freaking-larious  |  July 28, 2008 at 12:35 pm


  • 2. Jerry  |  September 11, 2008 at 2:14 pm

    Evil dead 4 i hope thay make it.
    Maybe it should start off with ash On a hill top Chain saw held high and shotgun aimed and surrounded by Deadites. then flash back before that happens as he tells how he got to this point and how he plans to get out of it. i dont know.


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