The Dark Knight is officially a media phenomenon

July 28, 2008 at 4:27 am 2 comments

I'm running out of good screenshots for "Dark Knight" posts.

I'm running out of good screenshots for "TDK" posts.

Last summer, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” made butt-tons of money, and it made it fast. In just a little over two weeks (sixteen days, to be exact), the out-of-control swashbuckling flick featuring a dude with a squid-beard banked over $300 million, going on to take in a $423.3 million domestic haul during its entire theater run in the States. That’s right, $300 million dollars in just 16 days.

Absurd, right? Well, yeah. But compared to what “The Dark Knight” is doing, that’s peanuts. Cut almost an

entire week off the record, and you get Christopher Nolan’s directorial water-mark’s timeline for $300 mill — after the final Sunday tallies were tolled, the Batman epic-fest pulled in a cumulative $314.2 million in cumulative green. Ten days was all it took.

Ten Days! I mean, I’ll probably be making $30 million a day once I graduate college, but that will be for something like curing the common cold, discovering some grand invention or becoming the Emperor of Earth — not a flick about a guy in tights.

Before you flame about that last comment, you should know that I absolutely love this movie, and it should hands-down be nominated for Best Motion Picture of the Year at the upcoming Oscar’s. So, I’m not ragging on it, but you have to admit that it’s a bit ridiculous that it’s pulling in THIS kind of money. I mean, I went for a repeat viewing on a Tuesday night at 10 p.m., only to find out that is was sold out. What other movies are doing that midweek?

And it’s not just making an impact in Nolan’s wallet. “The Dark Knight” is skewing the numbers of the entire film industry (Via The Hollywood Reporter):

Warners’ stunning success with “Dark Knight” has propelled the studio past $1 billion in total domestic grosses in record time, shaving almost 1 1/2 months off the Warners’ then-record spurt last year, when it reached $1 billion on Sept. 12. Studio execs now expect to pass Paramount in domestic marketshare by week’s end and are bullish about prospects of finishing the year atop distributor rankings.

That’s ridiculous! When I posted about “The Dark Knight’s” initial weekend box office jaw-droppers, I posed an interest in seeing what the flick did in its second week of run, and there’s no way I expected to see another $75 million added to the bank roll. I mean, the No. 2 movie “Step Brothers,” which was brand-new this weekend, pulled in $45 million less that “The Dark Knight,” even with its new-flick handicap. Unbelievable.

Of course, a lot of it has to do with re-watchability. I mean, I’ve already seen it three times, and plenty of my friends and acquaintances have gone back for multiple viewings. But it’s still an amazing feet. Here’s how this weekend’s top five box office shaped up.

  1. The Dark Knight, $75.6 Million ($314.2 Million total)
  2. Step Brothers, $30 Million
  3. Mama Mia, 17.9 Million, ($62.7 Million total)
  4. X-Files: I Want to Believe, $10.2 Million
  5. Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D, $9.4 Million ($60.1 Million total)

Two things that immediately jump out at me from this list: “Mama Mia” dropped just 36 percent in its second week, making it one of the most surprising money-makers this summer. I completely wrote of its chance of making money when I saw it was stacked up against “The Dark Knight,” but it actually turned out to be a good decision to open it the same day as the Batman sequel. Moms dropped their teenage boys off at “The Dark Knight” and bought themselves a ticket to “Mama Mia.” Brilliant.

Secondly, what the hell happened to “X-Files”? I guess that’s what you get for releasing a TV adaptation ten years after the show’s run. That’s too soon to be retro, but far enough away where people have forgotten about it.


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  • 2. yen  |  July 28, 2008 at 10:51 am

    The X Files isn’t as terrible as people are saying– the actual story is mulder and scully’s relationship, the “crime” or “x file” isn’t really the heart of the story, and i think that threw people off and it wasn’t what they were expecting.

    also, if people went to the movies and wanted to see a comedy, they saw step brothers, and if they wanted action adventure, they saw Dark Knight. and women saw Mamma Mia. If IWTB had been released in the winter like it should have been, it would have fared a lot better, and there might have been a chance for an alien invasion movie in XF3.


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