Superbad Express a reality?

August 12, 2008 at 4:17 pm 1 comment

Photoshop, woo!

Photoshop, woo!

Let me start off with some background info — ever since the immense success of last summer’s “Superbad,” studio execs. have been shoving the idea of a sequel down Seth Rogen’s and and his writing partner Evan Goldberg’s throats. So far, they haven’t bitten, and I’m proud of them for that; they had a vision (a vision that left no room for a sequel) and the executed that vision.

It’s not that Rogen is against sequel, because he isn’t. He has expressed interest in continuing the wacky adventures of Dale and Saul, the protagonists from the world’s first stoner action comedy, “Pineapple Express.” So, during the press junket for his newest flick, Rogen jokingly stated he wanted to do some crazy hybrid of the two, where Seth and Evan butt heads with Dale and Saul.

No one took him seriously. Initially, that is.

But there’s been an odd amount of talk behind this supposedly joke project. First Judd Apatow talked about the mashup sequel at a Comic Con screening of “Pineapple Express.” If there wasn’t some serious consideration to what the internet wizards and movie blog gurus are now calling “Superbad Express,” I don’t think it’s likely that Apatow would have brought it up in front of such a geeked up crowd (pun intended. The joke being that Comic Con is jam-packed with thousands of geeks. Get it?). People take the news and such they hear at Comic Con very seriously, so I doubt Apatow would just throw some meaningless jargon out there.

And now, one more dude behind “Pineapple Express” has jumped on the  Let’s Talk About This Shit bandwagon. James Franco, who is a surprisingly great on-screen pothead, brought up the idea in an interview with the MTV Movie Blog. Here’s what he said:

“Even before ‘Superbad’ came out, I think the studio was trying to get [Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg] to write a sequel, but they really didn’t want to write a sequel. I guess the kids would go to college or something like that [that was the studio’s idea],” Franco said. “And so, an answer to that was to do a ‘Superbad’/’Pineapple Express’ crossover, an unprecedented crossover movie with two directors, Greg Motolla and David Gordon Green, each directing half of the movie and somehow these characters get together, which doesn’t make sense at all, but could work.”

And he even let some potential (albeit pretty obvious) plot lines slip…

“I could sell them [the characters from ‘Superbad’] something, but I think we’d want some action, so you know, somehow the kids get in trouble somehow and we have to get them out of it,” Franco mused. “And Seth plays characters in both movies, so somehow we’d have to kill one of them off.”

Dude. If this if really going to happen, I’m about to get super excited, and not just because the quality of the first two flicks — Franco hit the nail on the head when he said this would be an “Unprecedented crossover.” Screw “Freddy vs. Jason” and “Alien vs. Predator,” this is two great movies at the height of the popularity that both realistically have franchise potential. I think combining the two (which will probably infuriate studio execs, seeing as how “Superbad 2” and “Pineapple Express 2” would probably make more collective money than a movie that combines the two ideas), Rogen and Co. are really experimenting with the sequel, a concept that really hasn’t been shaken up or altered in a really long time.

Plus a movie with Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen and James Franco all trying to steal the screen from each other? Get outta here, that sounds kick ass.


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  • 1. really?  |  August 13, 2008 at 9:14 am

    this sounds like a terrible idea. why do they always have to milk every movie trend for all it’s worth? the seth rogen movies are already getting tired and repetitive.


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