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logo226It’s Dec. 23 today, so I pretty much think my decision to make a Christmas movie my Movie of the Week is a no-brainer. So, I’ll have to pick my favorite holiday flick of all time, “A Christmas Story.”

neca0001a-christmas-story-postersJust in case you’re a Grinch and haven’t heard of this movie before, here’s the plot synopsis:

Nine years after the Yuletide slasher flick Black Christmas, Porky’s director Bob Clark once again took on the holiday genre, switching from gasps to laughs with A Christmas Story. Adapted from a memoir by humorist Jean Shepherd (who narrates), the film centers on Ralphie Parker (Peter Billingsley), a young boy living in 1940s Indiana, desperately yearning for a Red Rider BB gun for Christmas. Despite protests from his mother (Melinda Dillon) that he’ll shoot his eye out, Ralphie persists, unsuccessfully trying to enlist the assistance of both his teacher and Santa Claus. All the while, Ralphie finds himself dealing with the constant taunts of a pair of bullies and trying to not get in the middle of a feud between his mother and father (Darren McGavin) regarding a sexy lamp. ~ Matthew Tobey, All Movie Guide

Before us kids grew up and went away to college and stuff, my family would, every year, gather at someone’s house a few weeks before Christmas, have a nice meal and all squeeze into the living room to watch “A Christmas Story.” I’m talking my entire extended family, so this was quite a big party. The site would rotate every year, and if you had the most-recently purchased house, you’d have to host, no questions asked.

It’s one of the most unique and awesome holiday traditions I know, and while I’m pretty sad it’s run it’s course, it was really fun while it lasted. But “A Christmas Story” was the perfect film to watch at a party like this because, well, it’s the perfect “Christmas Story.” It’s got everything, and it perfectly illustrates what it’s like to be a kid on Christmas day.

If you’ve never seen it, you’ll have more than a few chances to catch it on Christmas day — TBS’s “24 Hours of ‘A Christmas Story’ ” will be airing the movie all day long.

Here’s the 1983 trailer:


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  • 1. This is cool!  |  December 23, 2008 at 11:56 pm

    I like this new feature. You must have spent all day home on your couch doing this… hahahah NERD

  • 2. question  |  December 23, 2008 at 11:57 pm

    If the site rotated every year, but the family with the newest house had to host the party with no questions asked, … how often did members of your family buy houses? Every year?


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